Our Team

Restaurante Los Panchos nuestros gerentes

Our Managers are in constant training in terms of trends and techniques that promote excellent service. They are focused on meeting your needs in each of your visits.

Restaurante Los Panchos nuestros cajeros

They are the direct connection of our values to our diners. Honesty is the foundation of their activities and they recognize that the value of your smile transcends outside our branches.

Restaurante Los Panchos nuestros taqueros

Their experience and dedication has made them the protagonists of this story. Day by day in each taco they deliver with it a little love, a bit of effort and a touch of perseverance.

Restaurante Los Panchos nuestros cocineros

They have been trained at home, they have learned our recipes and our flavors, combining their culinary gifts with our history. Its greatest recognition is to generate in you a good memory and a desire to return.

Restaurante Los Panchos nuestras tortilleras

They continue with the legacy of the handmade tortilla, our palate will forever appreciate that unique flavor. The tortilla is the quintessential Mexican food and our tortilla makers continue to uphold this delicious tradition.

Restaurante Los Panchos equipo de profesionales a su servicio
With quality and the best service attitude, the Los Panchos team will serve you as you deserve.