Restaurante Los Panchos la historia de nuestra fachada
The beginning of a great career

Los Panchos is an iconic restaurant in Mexico City founded in 1945, with an exquisite specialty in traditional Mexican cuisine, carnitas and chicharrón.

Thanks to the preference of our customers, we have become an emblematic taco shop in our city, pride of the fusion between tortilla and pork prepared in an exceptional way by our family, whose recipe has amazed the most demanding palates

At Los Panchos we are determined to write our own history, day by day, with work, dedication and dedication to service.

Tradition, consequence of history

In 1945 Don Francisco Chischistz and Doña Carolina Rodríguez, natives of Santa Clara del Cobre and Pátzcuaro Michoacán, arrived in Mexico City to found a Mexican food restaurant. From its beginnings in the streets of Mariano Escobedo and Tolstoi, until today, the elaboration of the recipes, the quality of its ingredients and the warmth of the service have remained unchanged.

In its beginnings, due to the great charisma that characterized Don Francisco, the Restaurant was identified as: “CLUB PANCHO”. However, as the months went by, Don Francisco changed it as it is currently known: “Los Panchos” because he said that: “the business is done by the clients”.

When Don Francisco was absent in 1969, his children, still very young, took over the business supported at all times by Doña Carolina. They set out to honor the legacy of his father, extolling his values, HONESTY, QUALITY AND SERVICE, the same that Don Francisco instilled in them since they were little.

In 1990, after Doña Carolina left, the symbol of the three charros was added to the logo, alluding to the three generations that the family has been managing the business.

In 2015 as a framework for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the foundation, in response to the invitation by EL PALACIO DE HIERRO, the first branch opens within El palacio de los palacios, with a new concept within gastronomy, a terrace that offers food from the best restaurants in the city, recognized and iconic brands in the world of gastronomy. This is how a great business friendship was born, which continues with the openings of TERRAZA PERISUR AND TERRAZA SANTA FE in 2018. With the firm conviction of providing customers with the best and richest shopping experience.

Restaurante Los Panchos denominado como Club Pancho
Restaurante Los Panchos nuestra historia desde 1945
Los Panchos in 2020

Mexico is the fusion of two cultures: the Spanish and the different ethnic groups that inhabit this wonderful territory. Mexican gastronomy is the result of this union; the contribution of products such as corn and chili by the indigenous people, masterfully combined with meat products that came from beyond the sea and that form one of our most interesting and original ways of standing out in the world.

Despite the fact that there are individuals who see this cultural, religious, and gastronomic fusion as a tragedy, 99.99% of Mexicans proudly celebrate who we are: a mestizo people, proud of both origins and happy with its result.

The taco is the Mexicanism par excellence in the world; as a base the tortilla, corn of the gods that serves as a simile of our identity; on this basis, "put what you want" and the result falls in love with anyone, except those who resent it, of course.

Three generations of Mexicans, of Michoacán origin, have carved out with dedication and passion for the taco, a magnificent history that is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Emblematic taco shop of our city, pride of the fusion between tortilla and pork prepared in an exceptional way by this family, whose recipe has amazed the most demanding palates.

The logo proudly represents three charros, another of Don Pancho's passions, our national sport: charrería. For this and hundreds of other reasons, Los Panchos are a jewel of our city and country. Tacos de carnitas, so fashionable, are the happy celebration of a union that began almost 500 years ago, the same as bullfighting in Mexico, and that today, day by day, we have the pleasure and privilege of being able to enjoy.

But Los Panchos are not just carnitas tacos, the gastronomic variety of their menu covers practically all of our country, giving us the possibility —in its four branches and its efficient home delivery service— to those of us who love Mexico, to feel proud to be the fruit of a wonderful fusion.